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Who is this Matthew Leo guy?

Welcome to my first blog entry as Matthew Leo the Author. I intend to use this space as a sounding board for whatever is going on in my writing life. What you are looking at is pretty much my first steps into a new world which I honestly hope grows into a full-blown obsession.

Well, I guess I should tell you all a little bit about myself, about my writing life and what I have contributed from my brain thus far.

It all started when I was in second grade. We were given a task by the teacher to write a story about anything we wanted. I am telling you. I WAS that little kid stuck in his shell, with ZERO personality, and only a couple of friends to speak of, but not really. I remember sitting there thinking, trying to decide what to write about, because before then I hadn't written anything like this before.

I don't remember what it was, but I felt in that instant, something moved in me, and I started writing. This was the first spark of creativity I ever remember having, and it felt quite right. Now, the story was about a bunch of bad guys who came into our neighborhood McDonald's, with guns, (big ones), and group heroes, also with arms, who arrived in and sprayed bullets all over the walls, beat up the bad guys, and of course, saved the day. I remembered having to share the story with the class. I was embarrassed as hell but proud all at the same time. So if for some reason my writing ever takes off, and I get famous, remember that it all started when a shy and ordinary kid, wrote a story about a shoot-out at Micky D's. LOL. :)

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