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Things You Need to Know about Self-Publishing. (Fresh Stuff)

I originally posted this as a reply to my good writer friend Scott Niven., but I deemed it valuable enough of a tidbit to deserve its post. So here is a quick WRITER'S BEWARE!

Scott Niven said,

"Great news about your book! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your print version. That's one thing I haven't done yet, and I'm curious to hear how the process goes for you.

Matt Leo said :

The process was very tedious. The worst part about it was designing the cover to fit their specifications. I recommend that when you do it, you download their template for the correct number of pages that will be included in your book, to include your TOC, Acknowledgements page, Interior art, Intros, etc. My first cover was rejected because of the size that I chose and because the text was too close to the outer edges where they "trim" the book. They (Createspace) recommend not having any text or important images within .5 inches of the end of the margins of any side of your cover. I used Gimp to design my cover and pretty much had to redo the entire thing from scratch. So the print release for the book had to be delayed several days because of these "mistakes."

I also recommend that if you choose to use their "template" remember to remove all of the dotted lines will show where the edges of your spine will lay and the outer border where they are expected to cut when they trim it. If you do not, those dotted lines may appear on your finished proof. I had a few on mine, but since my cover is black, you can almost not see them. Overall, the experience was a treasure. I am glad I decided to release the poetry books first before continuing to work on the novel, so now I have a better idea of weeding all the gremlins let creep into the book. Let this be known: No matter how careful you think you are being, something will always turn out to be wrong, be it formatting, grammar, punctuations, or misspellings, (I have one on the back cover)

The best advice I can give anyone designing their book or print. Take your time.

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