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One of My Hubpages Articles Was Chosen to be Moved to Toughnickel

For those who do not know, Hubpages has a series of "upper-level" sites where they post the best, high quality articles from Hubbers like myself. One can submit an article to these pages only once every 14 days apparently. However, it seems the editors at Hubpages saw it fit to forego waiting for me to submit an article to these upper echelons and have decided to lift one of my articles up for me! The upshot of this move is that hopefully my article will be placed in a way that will reach more viewers who are looking specifically to read business type articles such as this one. It's a far cry from being published in Newsweek, however I'll take this as a high compliment to my writing and editing skills. For this, I am thankful. :) Talk to you more soon.

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