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New Coverwork for "Death and Other Musings" (Printed Version)

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Well, it has been no small adventure trying to get the print version of my first poetry book out. I met with quite a bit of difficulty, especially with designing the cover. But for those who know me, they know I thrive on challenges. My first cover was rejected because I had text that was still within the .5 of the margins. See, they trim off the books to remove any excess white, or ink bleed and to help make the book look more uniform all the way around. Otherwise, you might end up with some white around the edges, giving you an unwanted highlight around your covers. Well, the instructions say that I had to wait 48 hours for them to review my title (cover and interior) and I must say, they worked much faster than that. It has been about 6 hours shy of 24 hours, and I was already able to order my proof for review. Also, it was a tad cheaper than I expected. Only $3 and some change, I guess since it is such a small book, only 24 pages. I went ahead and ordered two proofs. One to frame, (since it is my first), and one to peruse, and when I am done to give to my mother. Hopefully, it will arrive here early next week, but at the latest, next Friday. I can't wait. I have been dreaming of this day for decades. It truly is surreal. But now that I have familiarized myself with the whole process, I am convinced that this is the life for me. I have always wanted to be a published writer, and even if I don't become famous, I am content in knowing that I am doing what I enjoy most. Crafting stories and sharing them with the world.

Well, even though I have to wait for the proof, I won't make you wait to see my new cover. I also signed it in Caligraphy style with my mouse on Gimp.

I will add it here shortly. After a short nap.

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