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Let's Call This Entry My Save Point

Well, I want this blog entry to kind of serve as a marker, kind of like a video game save point, to show where in the game I am right now. So at 3:28 pm Monday, July 20th, 2011, I am here sitting in my shop pondering on what has happened in the last few years. I have bit, by bit, conquered almost all of my backyard, squaring it off, fighting vines, bushes, pulling up trees, sawing and pruning (most of which with my bare hands) to create this space where I am sitting now. Props go to my brother Timothy and his pal Randy (Red) who helped me build this 12x16 shop, which my wife, under no circumstances, refuses to call it a shop. "It is a shed!", She insists. Well, a few months later, with everyone in the family bringing their belongings to me for storage (long story), I am sad to say that it is, for the time being, a shed. I find myself pushed up against my make-shift table where my computer, phone, and small tv reside and see that I can't much stretch out my arms in much any direction without hitting some, box or bulk item, none of which belong to me. My table is a mess, scattered mail (most of which belong to my brother and my parents (who are traveling by RV to Alaska right about now.) line it. I think the only other things on this table that are indeed mine, are the two empty Samuel Adams bottle next to the computer screen). But, this indeed is my writing space, and I have made the best of it. My brother, who owns most of the boxes that have conquered the three-quarters of the rest of my space, should soon be getting settled into his trailer soon, within the next couple weeks, and all of this mess will go with him. Soon I will have room to organize and stretch my legs and get down to business.

I keep telling everyone that one day I will make a living off of what I am doing. Let's be honest; I keep telling everyone that one day soon I am going to be a millionaire off of my books. It's not the money that pushes me though. Indeed, my overall goal is to write for fans that genuinely love to read my work. I have received such praise in the past about my writing style, many of which tell me that I was ahead of my time. I wish I could go back in time and change a few things. I would never have stopped writing. But sometimes, you know, life does get in the way. I got married. Had to deal with raising a step-son, took him as my own. Had two more sons to raise and care for. I love every minute of it. And I don't regret any of it. I just wish that I could have found a way to write the whole time. I feel silly about it really. I have been reading up on other authors and their trials and tribulations. They found a way. They did not make excuses. They did what they enjoyed doing. I enjoy writing tremendously. It's like giving birth in a way. I love creating poetry, which inspires and makes you think. Challenges your emotions, and makes you look at things from different points of view. I enjoy creating likable characters. There is a lot of me in the characters I write. I am a multi-faceted person, so I can write with honesty when I put myself in their shoes. We all have different sides. I am finding that it is indeed a personal gift that GOOD writers give to their readers. Writers share parts of themselves that ones who don't write usually don't.

So this is where I am today. I am on the cusp of publishing my first four poem books on Amazon Kindle. These poems are my children. I know that the market for publishing poems is probably not something that I will make much bank on at all. But that is not important. Know that it was important to me to share the bulk of myself, WHO I AM, with the world before I started putting out my novels. I am cleaving myself open and showing you everything about me. These are the ways of how I look at the things, how I think, and you will probably find that I don't look at things the same way most people do. I know that there are other people out there who will identify with what I am saying. When you are reading your favorite author, you are marrying into their way of writing. I just wanted my fans to court me a little and get to know what they are getting themselves into.

Love you all,

Matthew Leo

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