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Updated: Jul 8, 2018

It has been way too long since my last blogpost. I have been writing fast and furiously with my sister to get this zombie novel under wraps. Why you ask? My sister and I decided that we needed to light a fire under our proverbial asses, and get this thing going. How, you say?  We set a publication deadline. My wife thinks I am insane for doing this. When will you find the time to do this, she says. You're not, that's when! Blah Blah, blah. bliggety blah. This means she is probably right as usual. Well, also, as usually, I fail to heed the warnings and go through with it anyway. Blame it on the rebel in me I guess. So here are a few announcements that should at least stir up some excitement, if not a little head shaking.

1) We have set our publication deadline for November 30th. Yes folks, that's 2011. This year. This includes everything, the writing, the editing, the cover photo shoot . . . ah the photo shoot.

2) My sister and I have agreed on a live model for the cover of our book. Insane coincidence! She sports the same angel wings tatoo across her back that our main character Charlie does. Plus, she is insanely beautiful and photgenic to boot. And she is one of my best friends. So great to keep this project close to us.

3) Next, issue, Our model has helped us pick out an insane photographer (local of course) who has done some Steam Punk pic/shoots in the past and they are awesome. I have approached him, with a business query, and after three days of waiting, have received no response. I wonder when the appropriate length of waiting time is that passes before I give him a little nudge to remind him I am still here.

4) I have been doing an insane amount of marketing these past few weeks.  And have made many new friends. One in particular is a photographer from Wisconsin, who just after a few minutes of chatting online about who I was and about the novel of course, offered to do a photo-shoot based on the actual book itself when the book hits Amazon. She says, fervently, that she would love to help me promote it to all the  Wisconsians (Is that right?) there and would be excited to shoot some publicity shots for the upcoming zombie title. Wow. How lucky is that.

Well so far, pretty busy. I am still writing. Its going to get done. I can't wait for the finished product. Its gonna be a world unto its own.

So here's a little teaser: the first line of the book.

The tattoo on the back of her neck spelled out "Lady", which she wasn't. 

Always your writer,

Matthew Leo

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