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Death and Other Musings (The Voices In My Head Series Book #1)

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Well, it has finally happened. Many long hours of research, typing, formatting, more research and blood, sweat and tears. After almost 20 years from its conception. My first book has been published. Now, mind you, this is only a pebble's drop in the bucket. It is a very small ebook (it only has 15 of my dark poems) but it is definite a start. The next books in the series, especially the last one (Twisted Insanities and Other Planes of Existence) will be longer. The whole purpose of Death and . . . was to get to know the process of creating, editing, perfecting and learning how to use all the tools a self-publisher must use. I must admit, it was a lot more work that I had initially thought. But this experience has been wonderful. Here is a picture of my first cover.

So far everyone seemed to like it well enough. I know I do. Well, everyone. Wish me luck. More to come. Here is the link to the amazon site.


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