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Amazon Is A Fickle Mistress

Amazon is a fickle mistress. For a short while last night, my novel was listed as a  Amazon Hot New Release in Kindle Dystopian fiction as #88 (you know - the top 100), and a Amazon Hot New Release in Kindle Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction. 

I went to check out the position this morning and it appears that the book has been knocked back down out of the top 100. This is understandable as there have yet to be any book sales today. Well, I hope that the 35 or so people that have purchased and read the book have enjoyed it so much. The book literally speaks for itself.

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from people and it has lifted my spirits and confidence in this endeavor. I hope that the word of mouth spreads like the zombie virus we created in this monstrosity, and may the gods and goddesses  of Harry Potter and Twilight bless this book and lift it up to the status of "Phenomenon." Amen. :)

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