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1st Unsolicited Review. Over the moon!

Check out what a new fan had to say about the new Zompoc novel we just released:

"I can finish a good book in a day and that is exactly what I did with this book. The writing was excellent and I could clearly envision the scenes as they unfolded. Even though the characters were going through a traumatic event, they remained strong and confident. I am not a fan of characters who are extremely emotional and that is why Charlie was my favorite character. She showed just enough emotion without appearing cold and disconnected with the group. Byron captured my curiosity and thankfully it wasn't long before we found out his secret. In the first few chapters we were introduced to all characters. At first it seemed a bit much and I wondered how many characters there were but I soon realized that each character is essential to the story and it made sense to introduce the characters in that fashion. Keeping track of who was who was not an issue. I really enjoyed the story and looking forward to another book."

I am looking forward to hearing other perspectives. Zombie on.


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