Editing/Proofreading Work

     I have been blessed with opportunity of working with several best-selling authors in helping them polish their novels and making them the best possible version of them that they can possibly be. Below are covers with descriptions and links of all of the projects I have have been fortunate to be apart of thus far. I have included links for US, UK, Canada and Australia for your convenience. 

     For those in need of professional proofreading and editing services, please feel free to click on the CONTACT ME page and from there we can start a conversation to discuss your needs. I do not have set rates as every author needs are different, but I am willing to negotiate terms and let you shop around to make sure that my skills are a proper fit for you. 
     Below are the blurbs for the books as they were originally written by the author. 

“You see, Josslyn, murder is brash. It’s derived out of careless impulses, leading to a trail of mistakes and ultimately capture. It’s elementary and messy. But revenge … Revenge is entirely different, my dear. It’s methodical and gratifying. Revenge stews and festers as your mind has nothing to do except ingest the hate—to transform and become the hate. Revenge only seeks one outcome. It wants them to pay and pay dearly.”~Nikolai Petrov

Book cover for M.S. Brannon's Pay Dearly

     To Nikolai Petrov, being a criminal was not a choice. It was a necessity. In and out of Russia’s deadliest prisons, he learned how to survive and ultimately flourish amongst the worst criminals the broken society has ever seen. He rose through the ranks, soon becoming a valued member of one of Russia’s most feared organizations—Vory V Zakone, Thieves in Law. 
     For Josslyn Stowe, growing up in a typical American household was not in her fate. She experienced her own tragedy after the murder of her father. Soon after, her life was set on a one track course, right down to her chosen profession as a third generation police officer. It did not take long for Josslyn to form a prestigious career. She owed her success to the unrelenting drive to do whatever it takes to capture the worst criminals. 
     It was the tragic murder of an unknown family that sent these two powerhouse individuals on a collision course toward their opposing fate. Their story soon becomes a cat and mouse thriller that will have you wondering if there is good versus evil, right versus wrong, and retribution versus justice. Or are we all merely a lesser version of those who stand next to us?

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Book cover for M.S. Brannon's Away With You

Capture. Escape. Kill.

Josslyn is a homicide detective, a woman obsessed with imprisoning a psychotic killer.
After escaping a murderer’s clutches, she sits face-to-face with the dangerous man, and tempted with an offer she is unsure if she will be able to decline. It involves finding the men responsible for the death of her father, killers who have been walking free for over fifteen years.

Nikolai is a dangerous assassin, a man with an agenda of his own.
After escaping from prison, his only goal is to destroy the man who annihilated his family and attempted the same on him. It’s a death he has been planning for years. He’s become evil incarnate. The blood lust consuming the details as they guide his merciless heart toward vengeance. 

One seeks justice. 
The other seeks revenge.
Together, they search for one man.

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Book cover for M.S. Brannon's Madness

     For Josslyn, the path of revenge is nearing its finale as she continues to pursue the villain haunting her dreams. She has joined forces with a man who’s just as dangerous, a man just as evil as the man she seeks. He was once her captor and now has transformed her into the shadow behind the killer. He takes her on a bloody journey through the dangerous areas of Russia, but then the plan suddenly goes awry. Josslyn’s ripped from his side and left to stand on her own in the presence of the man who killed her father fifteen years ago. 
     For Nikolai, the taste of retribution is in the air as he gets closer to fulfilling the revenge he’s planned for eight years. The man who singlehandedly destroyed his family and betrayed his trust stands on the other side of the wall, waiting to be slayed. However, his mission doesn’t come without complications, and Nikolai is forced to make a maddening choice. It will either satisfy his bloodlust for revenge or leave him dead at the feet of his former mentor. 
     The danger is imminent.
     The blood trails behind them.
     Chaos surrounds their every move.
     Yet, as the journey comes to a close, will revenge be their final solution, or will madness finally overcome them? 

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Book cover for Crystal Foy's Crystalism: No Longer Bound, No Longer Broken

These "Crystalisms" are love letters to myself. This isn't your typical flowers and candy inspirational. It is uplifting, motivating, inspiring of course. It is so much more than just that though. You will laugh at me. Love me. Hurt for me. You will on occasion even read where I have told someone to kiss my arse! Really, for real. I hope that this inspires everyone that reads it, to just be REAL

This 'lil book. It is my life. Literally. Each passage, each sentence, each word is me. What I was thinking and feeling at exact moments of my life. Words that I used to grow, make change, and grab the life that I knew that I deserved. I never really imagined what power every bit of those words could hold. Until of course my life had completely turned itself around. Then I began getting comments, inboxes, texts from others that could feel and relate to every single bit of what I had said. The most amazing thing to come from it all, is that I set myself free. Take these words and believe in them. I do NOT want to be your voice. I just wanna be the girl that shows you how to use it! ;0)

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