My name is Matthew Leo. I am a self-published author of two book so far with several more in my head that are scraping at the inside of my skull, trying to get out. 

I'm am married to my lovely wife Nichelle for 20 years. Together we have 3 sons, Chris, Tyler, and Connor, one from a previous marriage (but he still calls me dad). I also have two little girls, my doggos Yuna and Bea-Bea. (Yes, Yuna was named after the Yuna in Final Fantasy X and X-2. Obviously, I am a big Final Fantasy fan, and as such, one big glorious nerd. 

On Superman: From the picture you can see, I am a Superman Fanatic, capital 'F" intended. Don't ask me to choose a favorite, I respect and love them all. However, I will say that Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder were my first Clark and Lois. I have special places in my heart for Dean Cain's The Adventures of Lois and Clark and I was one of the weirdos that posted fanatically on the KryptonSite during every episode of Smallville (I was LastSunofKrypton). The writing in that show was quite brilliant.

My hobbies: I used to love writing poetry, however novel writing has pretty much swallowed that one whole,  just like Monstro swallowed Geppetto in Pinocchio. 

Pictured here is my most prized possession. A Fender acoutstic guitar. This is my mother's guitar. She got it as a gift from my father over 40 years ago when he went on deployment overseas in the Marine Corp. My mother used to play lullabyes and funny songs for us kids to lighten the mood while he was away, and it was the guitar my father taught me on when I was 13 year old. Today, it still resonates with a beautiful deep sound, despite the punishment it went through with me and my 3 other baby siblings growing up. 

On Writing: I have always loved writing. Well, perhaps not during the time my mother forced me to practice my letters on a Kindergarten pad at the bar in our apartment. But after 2nd grade, I was hooked. I helped write and star in a one-act play in the third grade based on Davy Crockett and The Alamo that year. I remember vividly that myself and my friends all got blown up by dynamite at the end, throwing ourselves, in true stunt style, all over the stage. The same year I wrote my first short story about terrorists rappelling through a skylight and shooting up a McDonald's. Yes, I played the hero. 

I received a creative writing award in the 6th grade, for something I cannot even remember, something about dinosaurs I think. My teachers loved how verbose and descriptive I was. That kind of attention just makes you want to write more, I suppose. I also was the runner up in high school for a writing contest held by our local electric company entitled "What Life Would Be Like Without Electricity". I still think I got robbed on that one, but at least I got a $50 savings bond out of the deal. Sweet. 

The Story of How "Zombies Don't Ride Motorcycles" Got Started:

My sister and I both decided to collaborate and write a book together. We had talked about doing so for years and we sat one day, knocking our heads together trying to decide that what the shape of our first book would be. We realized that zombies was the IN thing at the moment and it would be a nice starting point. We began planning everything thing out in outline, using Google Maps as a way of tracking all of the locations we would be using in the story. We started our writing and were a couple of chapters in when we realized that we still hadn't a title for the work. We racked our brains for hours over the phone, to the point where we started getting very angry about it. Neither one of us could agree with the other. Finally, I just yelled out into the phone the dumbest, four most random words I could muster. "Fine then! We'll just call it some stupid name like ... like ... Zombies Don't Ride Motorcycles!"

My sister, finally caving in from the pressure of all of this, busted out laughing harder than I ever heard her laugh before. She was visiting with her best friend, Amia, at the time. Amia looked up from her crocheting or cross-stitching, I can't remember which, and asked my sister what she was laughing about so hard. My sister told her, "MY BROTHER JUST TOLD ME THE STUPIDEST THING EVER! HE SAID WE SHOULD CALL THE BOOK "ZOMBIES DON'T RIDE MOTORCYCLES! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Amia promptly dropped her needle point tools, stood up very, very slowly, raised her arms (also very slowly) and pointed straight at my sister, wagging her finger. Casually she spoke the words, "THAT... IS ... THE ... NAME ... OF ... YOUR ... BOOK!" And the rest, as they say, is history.

I also have an interest in writing articles about my 20 years managing in restaurants. I would eventually like to collect all of those articles and put them in a book called The Fast Food Boss. I am currently putting them on Hubpages as it is a way to monetize them while I am getting them all written. 


With ZDRM under my belt, I have expressed interests in writing a sequel and in writing a new vampire series as well. 

On Voice acting: Have always wanted to do voice acting for an anime series, but the closest thing I have done to that was play the plant in my senior year school play "Little Shop of Horrors" (Think the movie with Rick Moranis and Steve Martin) and that was how I voiced the part of Audrey II. Maybe I'll record some stuff just for fun one day and throw it up here on the page just for giggles. I love anime in all its flavors, but don't get me started on "His or Her Circumstances". I simply can't watch it again, reminds me too much of high school angst years. Some favorites include, One-Piece, Bleach, Dragonball Z, Naruto, Gundam Seed, Ranma 1/2, Witch Hunter Robin, Black Butler, Lupin the 3rd, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Robotech, Full Metal Alchemist, Tenchi Muyo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, .dot Hack, Ghost in the Shell, Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit), Samurai Champloo and Death Note. And many many more. 

© 2018 Matthew Leo

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